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Pole Fitness


This class is for beginners. JMKENNEDY dance studio created 10 basic pole steps that will help you with upper body & core strength. JMK advises to stay in this program for at least 3-6 months before going to next level but this depends on your strength, athleticism and how consistent you are at your practice. It is so important to build your core and strength in your beginner class. The more consistent, the better you will be. You will experience your sensual self through provocative pole dancing and appreciate your improved new body.

POLE 101

So you completed Basic Pole but not ready for INTERMEDIATE POLE. Well Pole 101 is the in-between. JMK instructors will guide you through spins, climbs and transitions until you are ready for INTERMEDIATE POLE.


INTERMEDIATE Pole is the next step! In this class you will learn BODY CONDITIONING more advanced pole spins and climbs while still incorporating the basic pole moves and mastering them.


  • Prerequisite: Basic Pole
  • You can always go back to basic if you feel that you have not mastered this class.


Have you ever thought about performing at Providence/Pawtucket First Pole Competition or putting a polished routine together just to have? This course is designed for you. Let Jennifer Kennedy, help you structure a competitive performance piece from beginning to end.

Topics covered include: Total prep for fitness, rules & regulation booklet, compete on a budget, nutrition, presentation , costume , makeup and hair, choreography, making your mark in the industry, photo shoots, and much more! Whether you are a beginner or professional, you should not miss this camp!


  • Bring your yoga mat and knee pads for 1st hr flex, stretch, and pole conditioning 2nd hr polish your pole trix
  • 3rd hr choreography and your routine


Ladies...this is great for working out your Abs, Glutes and Arm Sculpting!! Pole Cardio is fun. Jennifer created a cardio pole beat workout. We take our ten basic pole steps and fuse them into the coolest dance steps, while connecting to the pole...45 min of nonstop pulsating afrosonic house music and burning calories.


  • Prerequisite Basic Pole


JMK's Polates class. Relax and stretch using the pole as a prop for workout

This is a MAT WORKOUT.


  • Yoga type clothing please bring your mat.


Sexy Secrets is a sultry class where students will learn to move gracefully around the pole. Floor work, transitions from floor to pole, emphasis on grace and fluidity, and of course a few spins and climbing! This class is for all level students that wants to learn how to transition seamlessly and add some sex appeal! Each week session will have a different choreographed song that students will learn a dance that provides a great cardio workout and want to add some dance to their pole routine! Students are invited to bring their sexiest heels for this class as well. No dance experience is needed for this class!

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