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Our Instructors


Pole Fitness

Kerri started out at JM Kennedy Dance Studio as a student in 2007. She started assisting Jennifer in 2008 and then became a pole dancing instructor in 2009. She teaches Basic Pole and helps beginners become confident in basic pole moves.

Kerri is one of the dances of JM Kennedy Entertainment Dance Troupe the Fringe Dancers who perform cabaret and burlesque performances.

During the day she works in Providence as a secretary and she is also a proud Mom.

Kerri's Motto: "Pole... Does a Body Good!"


Chair Fitness

Alaina “Lana Lane” fell in love with dance at 3 years old, and has been dancing ever since. Alaina has been the sexy chair dance instructor at JMK since January 2009 and is a resident performer & choreographer with The House of Mood. Since starting with JMK, Alaina has been invited to perform for many corporate & charity events. Most recently, Alaina performed for a cabaret event in New York City.

“JMK has taken my love of dance to another level! Jen has provided me with the opportunity to do what I love & I am beyond grateful.”

- Alana


Belly Dance Fitness

Kristen "Rhaya" is the belly dance instructor and choreographer at JMK. She started working with the studio in 2009. She is trained in 5 styles of belly dance: Cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish, Greek, and American Tribal Style (ATS). She uses various styles and techniques in her performances and includes props such as veils, wings, and swords.

Kristen "Rhaya" has been dancing since she was 5 years old and is also trained in jazz, ballet, and some tap. As well as dance training she is also trained in stage combat and is skilled in 5 weapons and hand to hand combat which she has been known to incorporate into her performances here and there.

Outside of JMK studios she has performed at numerous venues such as King Richards Faire in Carver, MA, Providence's Fashion Week, the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, as well as The Middle East and Club Felt in Boston, MA. You can see her perform solos, duets, and group numbers at the House of Mood from September to May.

Classes with Rhaya are available as a workshop or scheduled for 3 month intervals in which the class is expected to perform their new skills at a House of Mood show.

"Those who dance are thought mad by those who hear not the music."


Pole Instructor

Priscilla, a Rhode Island native, has been pole-ing for over 6 years. She started her official training in New York City at two respected pole studios in Manhattan. When she had enough of the New York grind, she made her way back to Rhode Island. Eager to continue training, and with the hopes of becoming an instructor, she joined the JMK team in 2014 and never looked back. For the past two years she has been performing at the House of Mood as Sophia Minx, and has now started teaching her own class; Sexy Pole Flow, meant for all people who want to get in touch with their inner minx, and feel confident being strong and sensual. Priscilla continues to train every day to become the best polerina she can be, and is always looking for new ideas and inspirations.

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